Really Derrelle Revis?

Times are tough a lot of Americans are struggling to get by.  So, that’s why I have no sympathy for athletes complaining about their contract situations.  Jets Cornerback Derrelle Revis, who currently might be the best at his position, leaves me scratching my head.  Three weeks after claiming he’s happy with his contract, fueled a new round of speculation Thursday by refusing to guarantee he will report for the start of training camp.  “I don’t know,” Revis said after the Jets’ OTA practice, becoming testy. “That’s all I’m telling you. I don’t know if I am or I’m not.” 

What is that noise about?  Revis has two years and 13.5 million remaining on his contract he renegotiated two years ago.  Let me say that again, the deal that Revis and his agent Neil Schwartz negotiated two years ago. Revis earned $32.5 million over the first two years of the deal, with sources indicating he wants to maintain that average over a new, long-term contract.  Really?

What in the world does Revis have to be upset about?  At age 26, he doesn’t have to worry about anything financially ever again, unless, he blows all his money.  I have no problem with him trying to renegotiate a new deal, again.  That is the nature of sports in general, but Revis doesn’t have to do his negotiating in the media.  Once again, unlike most Americans who have to think about mortgages, college funds and long term financial planning, Revis has none of these issues. 

Does it take that much effort on his part to be a good teammate and say, “Yeah, I will be going to camp,” regardless of how he truly feels?  Stop acting the idiot Derrelle, negotiate behind the scenes.  You’re very fortunate and blessed to have the life you do, appreciate it and respect your teammates in the process.  Joe Pequeno over and out!

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