Diamondbacks’ GM Kevin Towers…not afraid!

So I’m riding back to the station after the Diamondbacks beat the Mariners 14 – 10, tying a franchise record with six home runs and I turn on the radio.  Where Arizona General Manager Kevin Towers came out and said the team will make the playoffs.  I like that.  I like Front Office Personnel that are not afraid to speak their mind and KT is definitely not.  Hopefully, the team was listening.  If it was, maybe it will fuel them to play more consistent. 

KT also said he feels the team is better than it has shown so far.  I agree.  This team is capable of getting on a roll.  As of this moment, as I sit at my desk, the Diamondbacks are only three and a half games out of a Wild Card Spot, that is easily in their reach.  They still have 93 games to play, that’s a lot of ball left. 

When it came to the trade deadline KT was neutral, not a buyer or seller.  Once again, he feels the team has all the parts. I enjoyed listening to him and his honestly.  Because a lot of times we in the media, hear a lot of spin and after a while you know it’s just that.  So come on Diamondbacks!  Don’t let your GM and your fans down…get on a roll and get it done.  Joe Pequeno over and out!

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