Grant Hill really? You picked the Clippers over the Lakers?

Let me start by saying that I think the world of Grant Hill as a person and a player.  On and off the court, he’s always carried himself with class and was a great ambassador for the Phoenix Suns.  We all knew he was going to leave the Suns in free agency.  The Suns want to get younger and because of a knee injury, Hill averaged a career low ten points last year. 

 It seemed like he would follow good friend Steve Nash and join the Lakers.  That makes all the sense in the world right?  He would get to play with Stunning Steve, the best one on one player in Kobe Bryant and possibly center Dwight Howard, or at worse big men Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. 

At 39, you figure Hill has enough money and winning a championship would be the most important thing on his agenda.  Now with Nash running the offense, The Lakers would give him the best chance to get a ring.  No. No. No.  Instead, Hill signs a two year deal worth four million with the young and coming Los Angeles.  I don’t get it.

Reports say, the Lakers reportedly offered Hill a one year deal for the veteran’s minimum, which works out to be roughly 1.3 to 1.4 million a year.  Once again, Grant Hill has made a lot of money in the league.  Winning a title with Kobe, Nash and the Lakers would be a great finish to a very proud and good basketball career.   Instead, he took the bigger payday to play for the Clippers.

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m really not hating on the Clippers.  They’re on the rise with a franchise making player in Blake Griffin and Chris Paul running the show.  Plus, they have a slew of good young players like Center Deandre Jordan and veterans like Guard Mo Williams and Small Forward Caron Butler that makes them very deep and talented.  By the way, Hill is expected to back up Butler.

The difference in the teams, the Lakers have the glory, the courtside stars and the championship banners hung in the rafters.  When you play for the Lakers, you play for championships, the Clippers are not at that stage yet.  So if it came down to money for Hill, I wish him well.  But come June of next year if Steve Nash is hugging that NBA Championship Trophy, Hill will be second guessing himself forever.  Joe Pequeno over and out!

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