Tampa native Joe Pequeno brings back Buccaneers tradition after loss to the Cardinals

Growing up in the Tampa area, I saw a lot of bad Buccaneers Football.  I was there for the orange and white uniforms, the team refusing to pay Doug Williams and saw Steve Young run for his life when he played quarterback for the Bucs.  I saw more games that left me disgusted and wondered why good fans in Florida had to suffer.

Years later, I live in Phoenix and the Bucs, are well, the Bucs.  Sunday’s game against Arizona, was a classic Bucs meltdown that reminded me of my days at Tampa Stadium.  Times where fans suffered and would wear paper bags over their heads in embarassment.

In Sunday’s breakdown segment with former Cardinal Michael Bankston,  I broke out the classic Buc Tradition.  I wore the Paper Bag in sadness.  Yes, I am a Bucs fan that is enduring the weekly pain with my friends in the Tampa Bay area.  The team is a mess and for the third time in four weeks, they blew a forth quarter lead.  At this point, laughter courtesy of a paper bag, is all Bucs fans have.



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